About Me

My Name is Prajakta Mane

I am

A third-year undergrad at D.Y.Patil College Of Engineering, Pune pursuing Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering.

My interest in data which has made me land up in the field of deep learning started when I was doing a capstone project where we were asked to make calls to API and render the retrieved data. I was surprised how a single API can be used to render so much of data. From then I had done web scraping converted the data to data frame through pandas. I have spend a lot of time learning the machine learning algorithms, getting everything out of data,Starting from data cleaning to final deployment of model .I am a keen learner having great grasping power. It perks me how we solve problems make predictions in simple words we make machines learn.
Apart from this Competitive Coding is where I can be found. I have also done web development and worked on frameworks like Django for Backend.I believe in sharing knowledge and growing together. Outside technology world I can be found reading some fiction books.

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Technical Skills

Machine Leaining
Deep Learning
Data Analysis
Java Script


Technical Content Writing .Wrote on few topics which i found to be shared views on while learning.

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How Searching is Done in Django ?

It explains how to perform seacrching in django with the help of a blog app.Searching is done on database

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std::less_equal in C++ with Examples

It Explaines how to use std::less_equal a function under functional.h libraray in c++ with Example.

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Difference between NumPy.dot() and ‘*’ operation in Python

An Explanation of how .dot() and * work on an Numpy array in Python with Example.